Antibiotic Reduction

Moving away from antibiotics can be challenging and requires a new way of thinking, adapting feeding practices and biosecurity plans, for example. This special edition explores the latest methods for raising healthy livestock without the use of preventive antibiotics.

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Probiotics – the way forward

The application of Bacillus-based probiotics in swine feed can support a reduction in the use of antimicrobials...

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The path of least resistance

Globally, it is recognised that there is no so-called ‘silver bullet’ to replace antibiotic use in animal...

PKFAD is a by-prodcut of the physical refining of palm kernel oil. Photo: Mavesa

MCFAs, the solution of the past

MCFA based products have been actively used in feed formulation for the past 15 years. Raw materials high in...

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Breaking the pathogen cycle

How can the poultry industry balance consumer needs and meet regulatory demands while maintaining an efficient...

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Dietary solution to combat NE challenge

In the industry’s battle to keep reducing the use of antibiotics in poultry production, ‘prevention’ is the key...

Editorial content

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Can less be more?

Rules, rules, rules…. The livestock sector is becoming increasingly governed by legislation. While no-one can...