Gut Health

A healthy gut means the animal can process the diet more efficiently has a better immune system and is less susceptible to pathogenic bacteria and viruses. This special examines further the feeding solutions and management practices regarding gut health and how they can positively influence animal health, performance and profitability of the farm.

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Photo: Ben Mills

Sulphur: The silent element

Sulphur (S) is a widely distributed element in nature playing a key role on diverse biological processes. There...

Keeping the litter dry can reduce the risk of dysbiosis as birds ingest bacteria and fermentable material if they peck at the litter. Photo: CObb-Vantress

Gut health and dysbiosis

Maintaining the balance of the gut flora is key to preventing dysbiosis. Preventing dysbiosis can improve...

A healthy gut is essential to a healthy piglet. By matrix encapsulation active ingredients reach the gut exactly where they are needed. Photo: Bewital

Fatty acids promote gut health

Short- and medium-chain fatty acids are known for their antimicrobial activity and their extensive positive...

A healthy gut in animals is one that has a stable and diverse microbial flora. The more diverse, the healthier the animal. Photo: Impextraco

Paving the path to a healthy gut

Gut health is crucial for optimal zootechnical performance and is determined by the reciprocal interaction...

Editorial content

Leaky gut is difficult to recognise and much remains unclear. By offering a well-mixed and balanced ration throughout the day, cattle farmers can go a long way to prevent gut problems. Photo: Anne van der Woude

More focus on cow gut health

Leaky gut syndrome receives a lot of attention. Yet, questions remain about the cause, consequences and...

Photo: Jan Willem van Vliet

Focus on forage quality

Forage quality, a central focus for all nutritional approaches in dairy cows, can play a role in CH4 mitigation.

Photo: Mark Pasveer

Focus on mycotoxins

With weather patterns becoming more and more unpredictable, a flawless crop and harvest are not always...

An important thought behind fibre rich feed is that piglets are born faster, and that milk starts flowing swiftly. Photo: Ruud Ploeg

Top producing sows need extra fibre

Changes in pig genetics and increased litter sizes requires a different kind of feed. In feed production, it is...

There is increasing pressure on using antibiotics and poultry farming itself changes as well, which also has consequences for healthcare. Photo: Lex Salverda

Gradual drop in sick birds

Animal health in the poultry sector will improve in the coming years. The reasons are, among other things,...

Photo: Mark Pasveer

Focus on fibre

During fattening, the pigs on the Dutch farm of De Groot receive a handful of alfalfa each day. That helps...

Photo: Van Assendelft

Focus on a good start

Hatching chicks inside the poultry house is getting increasingly popular in north west Europe.