Gut health

Managing gut health is very complex with many parameters to consider. This special issue covering monogastrics and ruminants highlights specie-specific topics, including stress-related intestinal issues in weaning pigs, antibiotic alternatives to maintain poultry health and avoiding gut problems in dairy cows.

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MCG’s: In-feed gut support. Photo: Arvesta

MCG’s: In-feed gut support

Nowadays, the gastrointestinal tract is no longer seen as an organ for merely digestion and conversion of feed...

The role of protein on gut health. Photo: Amitvs

The role of protein on gut health

A holistic approach combines modern nutritional concepts and gut health enabling products to support antibiotic...

4 trends driving gut health in 2019. Photo: Trouw Nutrition

4 trends driving gut health in 2019

Meeting growing demand for animal protein is a top priority across the production chain. Beyond achieving animal...

Prevention is better than a cure. Photo: Dusan Petkovic

Prevention is better than a cure

Preventive medicine is the future for pig production to control disease in an environment with limited or no...

Get it right from the start. Photo: Tonisity

Get it right from the start

The first week of life is crucial for developing a robust intestinal mucosa and ensuring a good gut health. By...

Photo: Werner Dedl

One of the PIGgest challenges: PWD

Novel strategies need to be implemented to support piglets in stressful and challenging post-weaning conditions....

Editorial articles

Photo: Ronald Hissink

Exploring the rumen

When we talk about gut health for monogastric animals, we often refer to the small intestine, where nutrients...

Rosie Burgin

Go with your gut

Balance is a key word in maintaining gut health in the livestock sector. In modern production systems, the...