Sustainable Livestock Farming

Achieving sustainability goals in livestock farming, needs to be a collaborative effort between policymakers, farmers and consumers. Measures taken now, act as an insurance policy for future generations, to ensure a safe and abundant food for the growing global population.

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The benefits of microbial protein. Photo: Emmy Koeleman

The benefits of microbial protein

The present agricultural practice of growing crops for animal production and human food constitutes a major...

Tarique Arsiwalla (left) and Kees Aarts stand in front of their new €35 million production facility. Photo: Peter Roek

Insects: Circular, thus sustainable

“To make insect protein part of the food and feed production chain in the long term, this new protein source has...

Safeguarding the future. Photo: Vincent ter Beek

Safeguarding the future

The concept of sustainability has been gaining ground since the 1980’s when awareness grew of the damages of...

Sustainable salmon feed. Photo: Richard Semik

Sustainable salmon feed

A collaborative project in the UK is aiming to deliver an alternative feed solution to Atlantic farmed salmon...