Fairburn’s blue eggs pick up Great Taste accolade

LJ Fairburn & Son has launched a premium-tier blue egg into supermarkets that has already picked up a 2-star Great Taste award.

The “British Blue” free-range eggs have launched in both Sainsbury’s Taste the Difference and Aldi’s Specially Selected ranges, as well as an own-brand line in Costco.

Took 2 years to develop birds’ diets

The Fairburn’s said that the bird’s diets took more than 2-years to develop, and included extracts from brightly coloured flowers to enhance taste and produce a golden yolk. The hens are selected to produce eggs with a blue tint, hence the name.

Photo: LJ Fairburn
Photo: LJ Fairburn

Judges at this year’s Great Taste Awards called it a “truly perfect egg”.

Daniel Fairburn, managing director at LJ Fairburn, said: “Our customers were looking for a speciality product that could be sold in own label at a time when our data was showing a gap in the market on availability of certain types of speciality eggs.

“The innovation behind the British Blue is not simply about creating an egg that is blue, it’s also about delivering exceptional taste and adding quality.”

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