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Agri Advanced Technologies, founded in 2015, is a subsidiary of the global acting EW GROUP, headquartered in Visbek, Lower Saxony, Germany. Our main field of activity is the development of specialised application technologies for poultry breeding and husbandry, like for example machines for in ovo sex determination of layers, grading and vaccination devices for broiler breeders or technical solutions for feed disinfection. Know how through global networkWe collaborate very close with our sister companies in the EW Group while using their practical know-how. In addition, if necessary we cooperate with external institutions such as universities or research service providers as well as with other business enterprises. Solutions from one handOur solutions include the complete process of development, starting at scientific analysis through construction of the application technique until documentation and handbook preparation. We implement through research gained theoretical knowledge into practicable applications and provide a contribution to the solution of challenges in the area of poultry breeding and husbandry, for customers all over the world. More about Agri Advanced Technologies