Van Der Sluis
Wiebe Van Der Sluis

Wiebe van der Sluis was born on a mixed farm in the Netherlands and being the youngest of six children he often had to give a hand in feeding the pigs, poultry and sheep. It is here that his affection for the smaller farm animals is rooted.   After receiving his degree in agronomics he became the full time general secretary of a regional young farmers association, where he further developed his skills in sociology and economics. It was at this time he became interested in journalism and recognised the power of writing. He learnt that through writing he could educate people and stimulate them into developing their skills to realise their own dreams.   Wiebe joined Misset, now Reed Business Information, more than thirty years ago to become the editor of the company’s pig farming magazine, a supplement of the weekly farming magazine “Boerderij”.   During that eight year period he became one of the initiators of a sheep farming magazine, of which he also became editor.  Meanwhile he was asked to take-over the management of the company’s poultry weekly “Pluimveehouderij”.   However, once he got a taste for developing new magazines there was not stopping him, he went on to develop some of the company’s international magazines including World Poultry, Pig Progress and Poultry Processing Magazine.   Both World Poultry and Pig Progress excelled taking leading positions in the global market for more than twenty years. And the newly launched Poultry Processing Magazine has been received favourably by the market. Being editor of World Poultry from its conception, Wiebe has gained worldwide the recognition as a poultry expert.