Aviagen launches new parent stock nutrition specs

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Aviagen launches new parent stock nutrition specs
Aviagen launches new parent stock nutrition specs

Aviagen recently launched updated Parent Stock (PS) Nutrition Specifications for its Arbor Acres, Indian River and Ross brands.

Prepared by Aviagen’s experienced Global Nutritional Team, the new Specifications reflect ongoing consistent improvements in performance as well as the latest research.

Bryan Fancher, Group VP of Technical Operations, said: “Poultry nutrition technical guidance is essential to our customer base and we understand the importance of ensuring that our nutritional advice and guidelines keep pace with the genetic potential of our birds.”

“The nutrient requirements of broiler breeders are influenced by feed allocation and dietary nutrient density. Our recommendations are designed to match feed intake with nutrient requirement to promote optimal reproductive performance in a cost-effective manner.” The updated PS Nutrition Specifications have a number of differences from previously published specifications, including the addition of a Breeder 2 diet during production to aid late breeder performance, particularly through the control of body weight gain, egg size and egg quality

Correct amino acid levels are essential for maintaining fit, well feathered birds that can achieve good breeder performance. The amino acid levels have been re-evaluated using the latest research data and modelling information in order to accurately link the dietary supply of amino acids to the bird’s requirements during different life stages. The modifications to the micro-nutrient levels in the diets are aimed to support overall bird health, welfare, and reproductive performance.

The new Nutrition Specifications can be accessed online by visiting www.aviagen.com.

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