Aviagen wins US compartmentalisation certification for AI

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Aviagen wins US compartmentalisation certification for AI
Aviagen wins US compartmentalisation certification for AI

Aviagen has become the first US poultry primary breeder company to be certified as an Avian Influenza Clean Compartment.

The US Department of Agriculture Animal Plant Health Inspection Service (APHIS) National Poultry Improvement Plan (NPIIP) established the programme in the US to set standards for protection against avian influenza in primary poultry breeding companies.

Aviagen’s pedigree and great grandparent facilities were audited and certified that they met the standards set out by USDA APHIS.

Compartmentalisation: Developed by OIE

Compartmentalisation is an international programme developed by the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE). It provides a mechanism for countries around the world to accept stock from an exporting country with an AI outbreak by providing the importing country’s officials with the ability to evaluate suppliers based on an exporting country’s management practices and biosecurity programme.

Aviagen: Meeting the highest level of poultry health & welfare

Dr Eric Jensen, Aviagen vice-president of veterinary services for North America, said meeting the highest level of poultry health, welfare and biosecurity was a top priority and an integral part of the breeding programme.

“Practising high standards of biosecurity has always been a foundation of our breeding programme. This new certification is recognition of our rigorous biosecurity practices and along with our comprehensive flock health monitoring programme, brings greater security of supply for Aviagen customers worldwide.

AI the greatest threat to international trade

Jan Henriksen, Aviagen CEO, added AI had been the largest threat to international trade but compartmentalisation helped eliminate this concern.

“With compartment certification…we can offer poultry growers worldwide an uninterrupted supply of quality breeding stock enabling them to sustain the earth’s growing population with reliable, healthy and affordable protein.”


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