Avian influenza strikes Industrias Bachoco in Mexico

18-02-2013 | | |
Avian influenza strikes Industrias Bachoco in Mexico
Avian influenza strikes Industrias Bachoco in Mexico

Mexico’s largest poultry producer, Industrias Bachoco, has reported possible cases of bird flu at five of its breeder farms.

According to a statement from the company, the five breeder farms are located in the state of Guanajuato. Industrias Bachoco has nearly one hundred breeder farms dispersed along the country which produce hatching eggs for producing chickens. The type of influenza reported, H7N3, is similar to the one detected in 2012 in other laying farms in the neighbouring state of Jalisco.

The company is working with the authorities to verify the outbreak; in case of positive confirmation, it will work with Mexican sanitary authorities in taking necessary action. At the same time, it is reinforcing its biosecurity measures in all of its facilities, in particular in its breeder farms dispersed throughout the country. The Company is also analysing steps to mitigate possible negative effects.

The announcement has also prompted stocks of the company on the Mexican exchange to fall. The  outbreak in Mexico last summer caused egg and poultry prices to surge.

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