China lifts US live poultry ban

20-02-2020 | | |
Photo: Ton Kastermans
Photo: Ton Kastermans

China has lifted all remaining barriers to US poultry exporters, the country’s Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs has said.

The announcement was made on Monday and means that American live exports of poultry – namely breeding birds – would be permitted.


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Both Aviagen and Cobb genetic stock will be permitted, the China Poultry Association confirmed to Reuters.

China lifted a long-standing ban on poultrymeat imports that was related to an avian influenza outbreak late last year.

It was part of easing trading relations between the 2 economic powerhouses.


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China is the world’s second-largest producer of poultry and is seeking to fill a shortage of animal protein brought about by African Swine Fever decimating its pig herd.

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Jake Davies Freelance Journalist