EU approves plant extract based additive for broilers

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EU approves plant extract based additive for broilers
EU approves plant extract based additive for broilers

The European Union (EU) commission has for the first time approved a product made 100% from plant extracts as a zootechnical additive for broilers in the EU.

The decision came on September 3, 2015, six months after EFSA delivered a positive scientific opinion in February 2015. The approval authorises the sales of Pancosma’s Xtract Evolution-B following a 20-day waiting period, starting from September 24, 2015.

Increased body weight gain

The approval confirms the validity of the performance claims made by the Switzerland-based feed additives producer. Xtract Evolution-B, also known as Xtract 6930 for poultry, when fed at a dose of 100 gram/ton of feed for broilers, was found to increase body weight gain (BWG: + 4.5 %), improve feed efficiency (FCR: – 3.9 %), and increase the amount of metabolisable energy available (AMe:+ 50 kcal/kg).


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The three active ingredients in the product, capsicum oleoresin, cinnamaldehyde, and carvacrol, act synergistically to protect the digestive epithelium, enhance digestive secretions, and allow better nutrient sparing and absorption.

“This official approval is a turning point for the current users of the product”, said Jennifer Maurin, product manager of Pancosma & Associates’ plant extracts range.


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