Feed additive suppliers win Innov’Space awards

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Feed additive suppliers win Innov Space awards
Feed additive suppliers win Innov Space awards

This week, from September 16-19, the Space show is running in Rennes, France. Apart from new technical products which are on display, there will also be two newly launched feed additives that have been awarded by the jury for an Innov’Space award.


A 2 star rating has been awarded to Adisseo France for their Selisseo product. This is an original, pure and chemically defined molecule of HMSeBA: a source of organic selenium. Compared to already existing products available in the market, Selisseo is different because it is a source of pure organic selenium, reliable, stable, and easy-to-use.

Selisseo allows supplying selenium to synthetise selenocysteine necessary for anti-oxidant selenoproteins such as glutathion peroxidase, thus strengthening the anti-oxidant capacities of the animals. It is also a source of selenomethionine, as form of reserve of selenium in animal tissues.

Selisseo is authorised in the EU since May 2013 as a source of organic selenium in premix and feeds for all animal species. It is developed either as solid containing 5% HMSeBA and 95% carrier (silica), thus supplying 2% selenium or as liquid, containing 5% HMSeBA in water. As solid powder, its optimal particle size, as well as its absence of fines, guarantees a complete mixing and safety when manipulating the product. Its original process based on selenium and hydroxy-methionine ensures the reliable production of a pure molecule. Selisseo  is also stable in all conditions of feed preparation, including thermal treatment.


Another new feed additive is Aloapur  of Cargill company Provimi. This has been awarded a one star rating by the Innov’Space Space jury.

The objectives of Provimi  for this product were to lower the use of non-natural solutions such as antibiotics, in poultry feed, thus increasing food safety.

In this context  Provimi has developed the Aloapur product. This  is based, on one hand, on an action of the intestinal flora thanks to the properties of a natural ingredient (the lactylates) and on the other hand, on rapid diagnosis in breeding, which can be done by farmers, based on a sample of faeces and a quick analysis of their components by infrared method.

In vitro results show that lactylates that are present in Aloapur  are capable of inducing a controlled shift in gastrointestinal microflora.

Lactylates are slowly metabolised in the digestive tract of broilers. In the distal region of the intestine, the remaining level of lactylates is still sufficient to induce a difference in animal performance.  Associated with this feed solution, Provimi has developed a method to collect and analyse faeces. The fast infrared analysis will give the composition of water, starch, protein and phosphorus to achieve a profile that will be used to track the breeding.

Ad Bal Freelance journalist