German poultry giant moves to GMO-free poultry diets

10-12-2014 | | |
German poultry giant moves to GMO-free poultry diets

The chickens under the flag of Wiesenhof, the largest German poultry producer, will no longer receive GMO-soy in their diet as of January 1st.

This decision is a direct result of pressure from the top of German supermarkets. In late August the supermarkets, with a broad consensus, demanded the German Poultry Association (ZDG) to stop using GMO feed for both egg and poultry meat production, starting from January 1st 2015. The German retailers also indicated that they will demand a completely GMO-free feed supply chain in all animal feed sectors, including dairy, pork and beef as a next step that is to follow relatively soon.

In 2013, twelve supermarkets from across Europe signed the Brussels Soy Declaration, stating that they want EU consumers and farmers to have a choice to eat and use non-GMO soy.

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor