On-demand webinar: Chronic gut inflammation in broilers

24-03-2022 | |
On-demand webinar: Chronic gut inflammation in broilers

Did you miss it? Recently, Poultry World hosted a webinar on the important topic of chronic low-grade gut inflammation in broilers. If you missed this webinar or would like to watch it again, be sure to catch it on demand – it’s available now!

For the modern producer, chronic low-grade gut inflammation has a negative impact on the productivity of the operation. Often unseen clinically, but definitely felt economically, it impairs the animals’ ability to absorb nutrients, grow and reach their genetic potential.

Cutting-edge research

In this webinar Innovad is proud to share their own cutting-edge research on this important topic and their novel model to demonstrate chronic gut inflammation and how it can be tackled. Dr Mike Kogut from USDA will also share his findings on the patterns and biomarkers of chronic intestinal inflammation using this model.

On demand: Watch this free webinar here


  • Micheal H. Kogyt, Ph.D.,
    Lead scientist and research microbiologist Southern Plains Agricultural Research Center.
    Dr Kogut’s research is centered on gut health of poultry and alternatives to antibiotics to control disease and increase production.
    In his presentation he focused on the ‘Relationship between Antibiotic-Free Poultry, Low Grade, Chronic inflammation & Gut Health’.
  • Jason Lorjé (DVM),
    Marketing director Innovad
    Lorjé is a veterinarian with more than 15 years’ experience in sales, marketing and product development in the animal feed additive and pharmaceutical industries. In his role as Marketing Director for Innovad he leads the product development and marketing team to bring exciting innovative solutions to the market. He presented on: ‘Chronic gut inflammation – an endemic and hidden cost for your broiler production’.

On demand: Watch this free webinar here

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Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World