VIDEO: Poultry World’s gut health seminar on demand

15-03-2023 | Updated on 28-05 | |
A full house during the Poultry World seminar on gut health in Bangkok. Photo: Misset
A full house during the Poultry World seminar on gut health in Bangkok. Photo: Misset

Gut health in poultry is a delicate theme. Lots can go wrong in the gut of our birds, but when paying attention, there is a lot to gain as well. That is why Poultry World hosted a very successful seminar on this important topic during the VIV Asia exhibition and trade show.

Do not miss out on the valuable information shared by our speakers and watch the video of the seminar here, recorded live at VIV Asia and now available on demand.

A healthy gut means that the animal can process the diet more efficiently, has a better immune system and is less susceptible to pathogenic bacteria and viruses. Poultry World’s editor in chief, Fabian Brockötter, discussed with 4 speakers how to best manage and feed the broiler of today. Listen to the latest knowledge shared by renowned companies Schothorst Feed Research, Chr. Hansen, IFF and Phileo.

Our line-up of speakers:

  • Roger Davin, poultry consultant and poultry product manager at Schothorst Feed Research, spoke about Coccidiosis and Necrotic enteritis and what we can do from a nutritional point of view.
  • Anna Karwacinska, product manager monogastric at Chr. Hansen, spoke about the power of the robust microbiome for the health of your business.
  • Fajrin Sidiq, technical manager at International Flavors & Fragrances (IFF), spoke about elevating poultry gut health in a post-AGP era.
  • Alain Riggi, global species manager, poultry, at Phileo by Lesaffre, spoke about a stronger gut and greater feed efficiency.
Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World