High pathogenic bird flu in Poland

02-01-2020 | | |
Photo: Marcel van Hoorn
Photo: Marcel van Hoorn

On New Year’s Eve, authorities in Poland reported an infection of H5N8 highly pathogenic avian influenza in the eastern part of the country.

The virus was detected in a turkey flock of 40,000 birds and immediate preventative measures to stop further spreading were put in place.

According to Polish sources another 350,000 commercially held birds on 3 farms are at risk within the containment zone with a 3 kilometer radius.

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Andrzej Danielak, president of Polish Association of Breeders and Poultry Producers, confirmed to Reuters news that 3 farms might indeed be affected. “Veterinary services are implementing virus eradication procedures in this situation,” local authorities in Lubartowski county said in a press release issued on Tuesday, adding that the virus was a subtype of highly pathogenic H5N8 bird flu that can also threaten people.

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Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World