Hipra concludes practical course on avian coccidiosis

07-05-2014 | | |
Hipra concludes practical course on avian coccidiosis
Hipra concludes practical course on avian coccidiosis

The second Hipra University, focusing on poultry and specifically on theoretical and practical aspects of avian coccidiosis, was held recently at Hipra’s headquarters in Amer (Girona).

The course brought together leading professionals specialised in poultry production coming from several European countries (Portugal, UK, Germany, Belgium, The Netherlands, Italy and Poland) and was participated in by Professor Emilio del Cacho, from the University of Zaragoza, and HIPRA’s team of experts on avian coccidiosis made up of Martina Dardi and Marc Pagès.

The session included practical aspects of the disease such as identifying lesions produced by different Eimeria species, their location in the digestive tract and the extent of injury caused. The course was completed with practical examples and auditing of the application of the live vaccine “coarse spray” and a demonstration of the new Hipracox app and its applications for calculating coccidiosis prevention costs.

The course is certified by the CPD Certification Service (an independent certifying body) and is part of the continuing education programme, Hipra Univeristy, which offers tailor-made solutions to veterinarians on training subjects.