Indonesia: DDGS in poultry nutrition

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Indonesia: DDGS in poultry nutrition
Indonesia: DDGS in poultry nutrition

At a recent seminar entitled “DDGS and CGM use in poultry nutrition” held by the US Grains Council (USGC) in Jakarta, Dr William Dozier, associate professor at the department of Poultry Science, Auburn University, Alabama ,USA, discussed the use of DDGS (Dried Distillers Grains with Solubles) in poultry feed.

According to Dozier, energy, protein and phosphorus are the three most expensive nutrients in poultry feed. “And DDGS contain all three, so it could be used as a substitute for corn and soybean meal in poultry feed,” he said.

The advantages of using DDGS, Dozier said, are that it could reduce feed costs, improve the colour of egg yolk, provide linolenic fatty acids, and lower levels of ammonia in faeces.

Eric Woodie, senior merchandiser of Trans Coastal Supply Company, said that there was no standard of quality in the purchase contract of DDGS. So far the suppliers and users use protein and fat as a benchmark. The benchmark for fat is about 35% – 36%, protein minimum 26%, moisture maximum 12% and for crude fibre a maximum 10%.

On the subject of CGM (Corn Gluten Meal), USGC technical consultant for Southeast Asia, Dr Budi Tangendjaja, explained that CGM is a byproduct of the wet milling of corn production. It contains protein and high energy. In addition, CGM contains about 200 ppm xantophyl that can help chicken pigmentation.

“CGM is ranked 8th for feed materials that are widely used in the world. While in Southeast Asia, it is ranked 3rd after soybean meal and DDGS,” Tangendjaja added.

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