IPC to focus on avian influenza

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IPC to focus on avian influenza

Two high-ranking officials with the Food and Agriculture Organisation of the UN (FAO) and the World Organisation for Animal Health (OIE) will discuss one of the most active seasons in several years for highly pathogenic avian influenza when the International Poultry Council (IPC) convenes in April in Rome for its first-semester conference.

Dr. Juan Lubroth, the FAO’s chief veterinary officer, will give IPC members his perspective on the challenges of the current AI situation, and OIE Deputy Director General Dr. Brian Evans will talk about AI-control strategies and the impact the virus is having on poultry trade.

Wreaking havoc on global trade of poultry meat and breeding stock

Increased global HPAI detections over the past several months are spawning import restrictions that are wreaking havoc on global trade of poultry meat and breeding stock. Particularly alarming is the impact on the international shipment of breeding stock, which is causing supply shortages in some countries and preventing producers from replenishing their poultry flocks.

Members will also review the progress of the concept of compartmentalisation, developed by the OIE to limit the impact on trade of influenza restrictions. Marilia Rangel Campos, foreign markets coordinator at ABPA, the Brazilian animal protein association, will give a presentation on Brazil’s experiences with compartmentalisation.

Impact of influenza-related bans on global poultry meat trade

From the economics side of the AI issue, Dr. Nan-Dirk Mulder, associate director for commodities at Rabobank, will talk on the impact of influenza-related bans on global poultry meat trade. Following an open discussion on the situation, IPC members of the IPC will adopt policy positions on AI.

Global poultry retail

Other speakers include Bart Blomme, global category director for meat at the Metro Group AG, the world’s fifth largest international supermarket chain, whose presentation will cover global poultry retail, with an emphasis on sustainability; and Carlo Prevedini, CEO of the Amadori Group, a leading Italian poultry producer and processor, who will give a report on the Italian industry. Also, Mark Smith of Leadership Resource Institute, will lead a discussion of the IPC’s strategic plan and the organisation’s “road map” for the future.

The meeting will be April 15-17 at the Ambasciatori Palace hotel in Rome. Registration fee is US$600. Participants can still register via the IPC website.