Latin America discusses new system against Avian Influenza

04-03-2020 | | |
Francisco Turra. Photo: ABPA
Francisco Turra. Photo: ABPA

At the annual meeting of Latin American Poultry Industry Association, in the Dominican Republic, a new system for prevention of Avian Influenza among Southern Cone´s countries (Argentine, Brazil, Chile, Paraguay and Uruguay) was discussed.

Brazilian Animal Protein Association´s president, Francisco Turra, presented a proposal in order to involve leaders and companies from all involved countries.

Our health status is our greatest asset…” – Francisco Turra.

The objective is to develop a study about the risk of Avian Influenza introduction in the region, as established in the Sanitary Code for Terrestrial Animals of the World Organization for Animal Health (OIE).

In practice, the analysis will evaluate:

  • the flow of migratory birds,
  • handling of containers,
  • baggage inspection of flights from countries with an active focus on Avian Influenza,
  • biosecurity of farms,
  • plus other points.

In addition, poultry producers in the Southern Cone will be able to realise simulations of crisis management and communication, setting up a continental contingency plan.

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Turra also presented his plan for a regional information system on Avian Influenza, which previews a methodology based on OIE health information system. “Our health status is our greatest asset, a competitive advantage that must be preserved above all. This proposal is a big step for expanding information and experiences exchange among us, sharing strategies and strengthening a solid base against this disease that causes damage to several countries,” says Turra.

During the meeting, they also discussed ALA´s working plan for 2020-2021 that includes promoting players engagement, increasing economic support for researching about poultry production and communication campaigns against “myths” about the sector.

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Daniel Azevedo Freelance journalist Brazil