Low dosage plant extracts increases broiler feed efficiency

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Broiler feed is more efficient with low dosage plant extracts
Broiler feed is more efficient with low dosage plant extracts

Swiss feed additive manufacturer, Pancosma, was present at the Poultry Science Association congress held in Texas, Corpus Christie, from 14 to 18 of July 2014, to present the latest company results in term of use of phytogenics in broiler feed.

Several topics were discussed and among them two major issues achieved by the Swiss XTRACT brand: Increase of net energy & modulation of immunity in broilers.

With American society being more and more vigilant about the use of AGP, and the FDA deeply looking at its consequences on human health, it becomes prevailing to explain the concrete mode of actions of these natural products. The plant extracts cannot reproduce the AGP mistakes, reached by a constant look from the feed industry for antimicrobial properties.

Through an oral and a poster, Dr Pirgozliev: a Pancosma privileged partner, presented its latest findings.

Thanks to their effect on digestive enzymes production, on gut structure and protection, low dosage of phytogenics (XTRACT, Pancosma) were demonstrated to reduce the broilers maintenance requirements and to increase Net Energy for production. The specific Swiss blends make the broiler feed more efficient. Together with feed efficiency, immune modulation was also presented.

The Swiss company aims at reducing the negative impacts of innate immunity (e.g.: inflammation) in favour of acquired and specific immunity. This shift is helping save a great amount of energy which is then available for the broilers growth.

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