New premix for anti-oxidant protection for livestock

22-04-2013 | | |
New premix for anti-oxidant protection for livestock
New premix for anti-oxidant protection for livestock

Trouw Nutrition has launched it’s latest innovations in nutrition for the animal feed industry – Trouw AO-mix for Ruminants and Trouw AO-mix for Monogastrics.

Delivered as part of the premix, the Trouw AO-mixes are anti-oxidant components that ensure optimal anti-oxidant reach both inside and outside the cell membrane. This means that these anti-oxidants in the feed are better digested, and their positive effects more widely distributed throughout the animal’s system. The mix of ingredients provide an economical alternative to much more expensive additives with an anti-oxidant function in the body, such as Vitamin E, which it can replace in feeds by up to 50%.

Improved bio-availability and distribution

Anti-oxidants are crucial to livestock’s overall health, since they neutralise the effect of destructive free radicals.  But to deliver the best protection possible, feed supplements must not only be high in anti-oxidants, they have to be optimally digested and distributed as well. The digestive systems of ruminants and monogastrics are quite different, and the Trouw AO-mixes have been specially developed to ensure maximum anti-oxidant bio-availability and distribution for each one.

Trouw AO-mix for Ruminants and Monogastrics will be available through local Trouw Nutrition branches.