Novus to launch phytase at enzyme forum in south Asia

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Novus to launch phytase at enzyme forum in south Asia
Novus to launch phytase at enzyme forum in south Asia

Novus International will launch their next generation phytase, Cibenza Phytaverse, to the South Asia market at the Novus-hosted Enzyme Forum August 26-27, in Negombo, Sri Lanka.

The Enzyme Forum will serve as a perfect platform to share experiences in commercial application among producers, academicians and researchers with international experts.

Cibenza Phytaverse is designed to have specific performance characteristics that offer significant advantages over current phytase products. These performance characteristics including high in vivo activity for sustained performance in feed under gastric conditions and improved activity at low substrate concentrations to maximize phytate hydrolysis.

“Novus’s new phytase, Cibenza Phytaverse is specifically designed to unlock more of the hidden nutritional value in feed ingredients for improved animal performance with better feed cost savings,” said Dr Ajay Bhoyar, Novus senior manager of global poultry marketing. “At Novus, we believe in offering our customers innovative nutrition solutions with cutting edge technology.”

Animal trial results have demonstrated superior performance characteristics of Cibenza Phytaverse, based on standard metrics such as weight gain, feed conversion ratios and phosphorus mineralisation (tibia ash) versus other available phytase products.

These results indicate inclusion of Cibenza Phytaverse in poultry and swine diets can improve nutrition and economic value to the animal feed industry. These important characteristics allow the animal to more efficiently utilise phosphorus and other nutrients necessary for improved health and nutrition, and can increase producers’ return on investment.

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