The bigger picture: Running out of organic feed

13-06-2022 | |
Photo: Hans Prinsen
Photo: Hans Prinsen

The war in Ukraine has far-reaching consequences around the world. Apart from human suffering, the feed supply chain has been severely disrupted.

Grain and wheat prices are skyrocketing but supply itself is a major issue for European organic farmers. Feed manufacturers in the Netherlands claim that they can hardly cater to the demand from Dutch organic layer farmers. Because Ukrainian deliveries of organic sunflower hulls and rapeseed hulls have ceased, it has become impossible to formulate feeds with sufficient methionine levels.

The organic sector had set its hopes on a relaxation of the current legislation to give them the go-ahead to include a low percentage of non-organic labelled ingredients. With such a workaround, feed mills could resort to other sources of methionine.

Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World