Poultry feed innovations at the ‘Innovation Gallery’

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Feed innovations at the  Innovation Gallery
Feed innovations at the Innovation Gallery

At the VIV Europe 2014 Innovation Gallery, 40 companies are showcasing their innovations, of which there are some interesting ‘poultry feed innovations’. Here we highlight a few.

Nutreco will focus on the NutriOpt feed optimisation programming for poultry. This is based on more than just supplying day after day the same ration over a certain period of time. Birds will thrive and perform only at an optimum level if the diet is based on their physical and behavioural characteristics. This demands specific management and tailor made feed rationing.

Among various other products, Kemin is launching a new customer service tool to better assess the oxidative quality and nutritional value of oils and fats in feed. The Lipid Evaluation Test provides nutritionists with accurate lipid profiles containing the apparent metabolizable energy (AME) values and oxidative status and potential in order to improve applications and combat unwanted variations of oils and fats in animal nutrition.

Registered for all poultry species (broilers, layers, turkeys and other), Quantum Blue phytase from AB Vista is now available on the European market. Quantum Blue delivers enhanced benefits, such as effective phytate destruction. This has been confirmed in university and commercial trials across the globe. Quantum Blue was first launched in the USA in 2012, and has since successfully been used in the Americas and Asia.

Visitors can vote for the innovations. Click here to pick your favourite innovation.

Emmy Koeleman Editor: All About Feed & Dairy Global