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Photo: shutterstock

After the amazing success of its first ‘Nutrition & Health’ webinar, Poultry World will host a 2nd – on the 19th November at 14:00 hrs CET.

This webinar will highlight the interactions feeding strategies have on the gastro intestinal tract and hence the overall health of the bird.



Naomi de Bruijn – GD researcher

Specialist in veterinary pathology at GD Animal Health in the Poultry Department. Her field of expertise is diagnostic pathology of poultry and mammals. Poultry research on intestinal health of layers and broilers, Clostridium perfringens related intestinal disease. Teaching of veterinary students and poultry veterinarians. She will explain the inner workings of the gut.

Dr Kirsty Gibbs – PhD, Poultry Lead, DuPont Animal Nutrition Innovation

The pressure to remove antibiotic-growth promoters and reduce therapeutic use in animal production has paved the way for feed additive suppliers to come with alternative solutions. At the moment, when producers remove antibiotics from production, a combination of antibiotic alternatives (e.g. probiotics, essential oils, acidifiers) are used to fill the void. This multi-pronged approach can be both confusing and inconsistent, leaving question marks around the value of certain alternatives. Nutribiosis and fundamental science allow us to understand how feed solutions can be used to address current challenges and make reliable recommendations.

Christophe Bostvironnois – DVM, Sr. Global Product Manager Poultry, Chr. Hansen

Christophe Bostvironnois graduated from the National Veterinary School of Lyon (France) in 1992, which was the beginning of an impressive career. After a short period in a veterinarian practice, he started as a veterinary consultant with various roles, geographies and companies. He had the opportunity to understand the interactions between feed and health as well as dealing with broilers, turkeys, layers, ducks and game birds. Over the years, he published several articles and papers in the area of intestinal health, respiratory health and salmonella management in poultry. In 2018, he joined the fast growing Chr Hansen company specialised in microbial solutions. He oversees the development of the global poultry portfolio in the Commercial Department team.


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If you missed the first webinar on Nutrition & Health click below to view on demand

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Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World