PVG introduces probiotic for neonatal chicks

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PVG introduces probiotic for neonatal chicks
PVG introduces probiotic for neonatal chicks

The first probiotic product developed specifically for use in broiler hatchery operations is now commercially available from Pacific Vet Group USA (PVG), a leader in probiotic research and development for the poultry industry.

FloraStart is the first probiotic product designed specifically for the needs of neonatal chicks. Developed to improve production economics for broiler producers, the product is a blend of two proprietary lactic acid bacteria isolates (Lactobacillus plantarum TY036 and Enterococcus faecium MFF109) selected for their ability to safely colonise the gastrointestinal tracts of day-old chicks. Specifically developed and formulated for administration in the hatchery, FloraStart assures that beneficial bacteria are well established throughout the gastrointestinal tract when chicks arrive at the growers.

“Broiler producers will see two primary benefits from use of this new product,” says David Benson, vice president of sales and marketing for PVG. “FloraStart birds will start faster, which will show up as increased seven-day live weights.  Producers can also expect reductions in early chick mortality.  These benefits derive from the fact that the carefully selected beneficial bacteria in FloraStart serve as “pioneer colonizers” in the GI tract, helping to establish a microbiological environment that favors healthy development of GI tract function. ”

Benson notes that improvements in early performance are frequently associated with improved flock uniformity and sustained growth throughout the life of the bird.  By managing the microorganisms that establish residence in the GI tract immediately after hatch, FloraStart sets birds up for robust and healthy performance throughout the production cycle.

FloraStart is formulated for automated application in the hatchery via coarse spray. The formulation was developed to minimise wetting of chicks and to optimise preening behavior so virtually all of the chicks will be effectively colonised with the beneficial bacteria within minutes of administration.

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