Seminar: Feeding young broilers

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Seminar: Feeding young broilers
Seminar: Feeding young broilers

A free seminar at Victam Asia will delve into the importance of feeding the young broiler chicken.

The seminar, organised by the Danish animal feed company Hamlet Protein, has speakers focusing on:

  • gut health of young chicks,
  • the quality of soybean products for young animals and
  • the importance of good brooding and climate.

Chicks grow and develop at an incredible rate during the first week of hatching. With just 34-42 days from the beginning to end of the broiler production cycle, that makes the right choice of starter feed critical, says nutritionist Carsten Pedersen from Hamlet Protein.

Digestibility is the key to success

He also mentioned that the importance of a feed that is specially tailored to the needs of chicks up to the age of 10 days cannot be understated. The same goes for broilers during the grower and finisher phases. Producers will experience that broilers fail to reach their growth potential and that feed efficiency is compromised. Pedersen: “Many nutrients are necessary to ensure proper growth. One of the most important of them is protein. Due to its high quality and lower cost than proteins from some animal sources, soy protein is a popular choice. Here, again, digestibility is the key to success.”

The seminar will be held on March 30 in the Sheraton Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand. Sign up here or send and email to

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Emmy Koeleman Freelance editor