USSEC conducts soybean meal seminars and more

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USSEC conducts soybean meal seminars and more
USSEC conducts soybean meal seminars and more

The US Soybean Export Council ( USSEC) recently conducted a number of soybean meal seminars and round table meetings for the Japanese poultry industry regarding US soybean quality.

The meetings included a poultry seminar at Hachinohe attended by 20 broiler producers and ten feed millers.  The group then held seminars for Dai-Ichi Broiler in Hachinohe and Zen-Noh Chicken Foods in Tokyo.  The Roundtable Meeting with broiler growers, feed millers, oil crushers and traders also took place in Tokyo.

During the trip, Singlestad presented to poultry industry representatives the current and future corn and soy production outlook in the US.  Burke featured the future global supply and demand of soybean meal and Dr. Mateos talked about the nutritional values of soybean meal from different origins.

Mr. Sasaki, Manager of Chubu Feed, commented that he had never before learned about nutritional differences of soybean meal by country.  Chubu Feed is a major supplier of compound feed to the poultry industry and, per Sasaki, most of broiler and layer companies were not yet told about country of origin variations of soybean meal.

About the event, Country Director Nishimura says, “It was the first time animal growers, feed millers, oil crushers and trading companies were brought together this way to discuss nutritional facts about US soybean meal.  Participation by a US grower leader and university professor greatly contributed to the event’s success.”

Source: USSEC

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