VIV Asia: Seminar on growth promotion without antimicrobials

28-02-2017 | | |
Photo: shutterstock
Photo: shutterstock

Poultry World is proud to announce that the programme for the VIV Asia seminar on growth promotion without the use of antibiotic growth promotion is now complete.

We organised a line-up of renowned speakers from many countries around the world. The Poultry World VIV Asia seminar will be hosted by Poultry Worlds editor Fabian Brockötter and he will discuss the topic at hand with 4 speakers:


Walter van Hofstraeten, senior consultant poultry nutrition at Schothorst Feed Research will explain what the consequences for feed formulation are, when moving away from in-feed antimicrobial additives.


Product manager Manu de Laet from Nuscience will look at the nutritional benefits of medium chain fatty acids


Dr Devendra Verma of Perstorp will delve into the ‘gut-trophic effects of tri-butyrins


Kirsty Gibbs of Dupont will share her thoughts on unlocking the full feed potential in an antibiotic free era.

In a time where societal demands focus on a more sustainable way of production on the one hand and demands a worry free, free of resistant bacteria piece of poultry meat on the other, it is essential to keep the birds healthy using fewer or even no antibiotics.

The Poultry World seminar aims to give some practical insight in how to ensure growth without the use of antimicrobials. Speakers will address solutions how to tackle gut health without the use of antibiotics and with the use of alternatives.

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Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World