2 Sisters Food Group purchases specialist poultry co. Lloyd Maunder

23-01-2008 | |

Directors of a leading South West poultry firm Lloyd Maunder Ltd. have today confirmed that 2 Sisters Food Group Ltd. has purchased the company with plans for future investment.

Lloyd Maunder, based in mid-Devon, England, pioneered the production of poultry for the retail market 50 years ago. Today, the company is one of the UK’s leading producers of specialist poultry.
2 Sisters Food Group, based in the West Midlands, is a leading European food company supplying chicken products to the retail, food service and food manufacturing sectors. It has annual sales of more than half a billion pounds and 4,500 staff employed across 12 sites in the UK, plus operations in Holland and the USA.
2 Sisters Food Group has purchased Lloyd Maunder for an undisclosed sum, with plans to expand the business, which already dominates poultry production in the South West.
“We’re planning to develop the operation further as a regional centre of excellence for specialist poultry production,” said Ranjit Singh, founder and CEO of 2 Sisters Food Group. “Lloyd Maunder has been a leading light in the UK poultry industry for 50 years and we’ll be looking to build on that success. By acquiring such a good production base in the South West, we can now offer national pricing to our customers, but via local sourcing. This is good news for our carbon footprint.”
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