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World Poultry magazine 32.5
World Poultry magazine 32.5

In this edition we are guest of the first edition of the VIV summit on antibiotics reduction and look at the latest developments in the TTIP trade negotiations.

  • TTIP trade deal

    Secrecy surrounds the TTIP negotiations, but environmental organisation Greenpeace is shedding some light on the subject. [Photo: ANP]

  • TTIP trade deal

    Each member state of the EU will have to ratify the final deal. That is why in many European countries there are local protests for a ‘TTIP-free zone’. [Photo: Milieudefensie – Marten van Dijl]

Environmental organisation Greenpeace was able to get a hold of internal documents and shared them with the world. TTIP reaching a final agenda which will be implemented is questionable, as all European nation states have to individually recognise them and resistance, especially from farmers unions is strong.

Furthermore COO and President of Zinpro William Scrimgeour shares his thoughts on performance minerals and the fundamental science behind it.

  • Insight into carcass lesions

    Dr Wim Tondeur, oultry veterinary consultant and trainer.

  • Insight into carcass lesions

    Poor level of ossification at growth lines in long bones, resulting in ‘pop-outs’ in the plucking machine.

  • Insight into carcass lesions

    With the textbook on the table, carcasses are examined for leasions and abnormalities.

Last but not least poultry processing expert Wim Tondeur gives insights in the most economically damaging carcass lesions. They may not have any health hazards for poultry or humans, but the saleability of meat is definitely influenced by their occurrence.

And when it comes to economics, in World Poultry’s market analysis we delve into the soybean market. Prices there spike with 25% due to severe rainfall in South America.

For these articles and more see our online edition.

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Fabian Brockotter Editor in Chief, Poultry World