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Photo: <em>RBI</em>
Photo: RBI

In this edition we visit a state-of-the-art broiler farm in the East of England, where efficiency is key in every part of the operation.

Also, in the main interview Dr Joachim Hasenmaier, member of the board at Boehringer Ingelheim sheds light on acquiring Merial as well as the challenges of the large pharmaceutical enterprise.

“In the eye of the veterinary storm”. Photo: Boehringer Ingelheim

Furthermore, World Poultry focuses on the reduction of antibiotic usage in livestock production through feed related articles on Eubiotics, Algea and other additives.

  • Improving bone strength through nutrition. Photo: Henk Riswick

  • Eubiotics and the need for a new gut health paradigm. Photo: DSM

  • Reducing antibiotics: A case study. Photo: Jan Zandee

  • On top of that we feature an interview with Hendrix Genetics CEO Antoon van den Berg on worldwide turkey production and look into the mycotoxin challenge and solutions to mitigate the toxin in feed.

    • A world without mycotoxins. Photo: Shutterstock

  • “The turkey sector has become more mature”. Photo: Bart Nijs

  • Read all about this and much more in our online edition.

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