A total of 25,000,000 bird places equipped with Big Dutchman NATURA aviaries for organic, free-range and barn egg systems

11-03-2010 | |
A total of 25,000,000 bird places equipped with Big Dutchman NATURA aviaries for organic, free-range and barn egg systems

This year Big Dutchman once again excels not only with successfully proven equipment but also numerous future-oriented innovations at VIV Europe in Utrecht – as well as with its largest presence ever at one of the leading European trade fairs for modern poultry management.

In particular egg producers will not be Able to get past the Big Dutchman booth: The 800 m2 large exhibition space assemblés the fair’s largest number of state-of-the-art alternative management systems as well as modern economic colony systems for egg production.
The WIN-4 computer for less cracked and hairline-cracked eggs is one of the examples of experience-based technology. The worldwide first fully automatic system for enriched colony systems ensures that the eggs do not pile up between the nest and the egg laying belt during the main phase. This is accomplished by weighing the egg channel in front of the nest area at several locations in the barn. If a certain egg weight is reached, a load cell transplantation provided a signal to the WIN-4 computer which then issues a command to pull all longitudinal forward bells.

Among the introductions is also attractive amac 2.0, a comprehensive update of the Big Dutchman smart agro management and control system for modern egg production, broiler growing and broiler breeder management. Amac 2.0 covers an impressive number of brand new features. One of these includes the fact that now up to 20 persons can simultaneously access the system. Also new is that varying user rights can be granted and that it is possible to manage user profiles 50 altogether. These range from full access by the farm controller and thus the control of a whole farm complex to limited user rights which may not, for instance, exceed the right to control the climate Clearly in a specified amount of houses. If wanted: Of course, amac 2.0 can also be connected with the I-phone.
Yet another highlight is the broiler cage AviMax. The main feature of AviMax is the easy-to-use tilting floor that facilitates the moving-out process. It allows for a low overall height of the installation while providing maximum headroom in the bird area. This makes for higher stocking densities, and building low energy costs and optimum air exchange.
For the first time ever worldwide on display will be a novel gasification system with a capacity of 150 kW which transforms dry poultry manure from up to 80.000 layers into electricity. The organic residue is first pelletized, the pellets are then gasified and energy is generated in a combined heat and power plant. The punch line is: the ashes can still serve as fertilizer whereas the energy produced allows warm to 25 households for more than one year (maximum heat output 10kW) or to provide 200 households with electricity one year (annual average use of 0.75 kW per household ).
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