AECA holds successful 48th Scientific Poultry Symposium

04-11-2011 | |
AECA holds successful 48th Scientific Poultry Symposium

Around 400 poultry experts met in Santiago de Compostela, in Ocotber for the 48th Scientific Poultry Symposium organised by AECA, the Spanish branch of WPSA.

The main theme for the symposium was “Quality of Production Process and Poultry Products”, and different lectures were given dealing with different factors affecting quality, from origin to consumer. The topics included genetics, nutrition, management, health and environment, and quality requirements.

Fabien Galea, ISA Nutritionist, made an interesting presentation showing how nutrition may influence egg composition at several levels: egg shell, albumen and yolk.  After a complete review, it was concluded that not only feed composition but feeding management, including feeding techniques to get empty feeders once a day and feed particle size are of outmost importance as they have a strong effect on flock uniformity.

Participants also had some time to enjoy some activities in the historical city of Santiago, which is well-known as the final destination on the St James’ Way, ending with a visit to the Cathedral, where the organisation offered to the Apostle a performance of the famous “botafumeiro”.