Alltech: Highlights of the Asia-Pacific Lecture Tour

07-07-2010 | |
Alltech: Highlights of the Asia-Pacific Lecture Tour

“We are now entering the second agricultural revolution this time based on food attributes, health and well being,” said Alltech’s VP for Asia-Pacific, Steve Bourne during the company’s recent Asia-Pacific Lecture Tour.

“The Alltech Value Proposition illustrates how Alltech’s research-based technologies and value-added tools can help identify opportunities and respond to the issues that exist in the food chain such as raw material shortages, performance and profitability, environmental legislation, food safety problems and reputation management,” said Bourne. “There are answers and practical methods to address these issues, namely through Alltech’s core competence of Primacy of Science,” he continued. Bourne went further to say that “The future is all about ‘Personalised Nutrition’, whether this be the way we feed animals or people it is not just about nutrition, but is the interaction between nutrients and gene expression, for health and wellbeing.”

Feed industry

Under the umbrella theme of ‘People, Profit and Planets’, the 2-week tour focused on new technologies that can help the feed industry solve current issues. Over 1,300 animal feed industry professionals joined Alltech’s 23rd Asia-Pacific Lecture tour which began in New Zealand and travelled to 10 countries including Australia, Japan, China, Korea, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia. The second leg of the Lecture Tour will take place from August 1-6, 2010 visiting India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan and Bangladesh.

Representing Alltech’s R&D team, Dr. Richard Murphy, Research Laboratory Manager, Alltech Ireland and Dr. Alexandros Yiannikouris, Senior Research Scientist and Coordinator of Glycomics Research, outlined some of the fundamental research, which has been used to develop these technologies. “Alltech has the tools to move nutrition to a whole new level,” said Dr. Murphy as he described Alltech’s pioneering Animal Nutrigenomics Center which provides an understanding of how nutrition affects health and performance through altering gene expression patterns and the company’s work in the area of Selenium enriched products and functional foods. Dr. Yiannikouris told delegates how Alltech’s understanding of the structure of yeast and yeast cell wall components has led to the development of more effective natural solutions to mycotoxin problems and the control of pathogens.

Alltech’s Research Manager for Ruminant Nutrition, Dr. Juan Tricarico and Dr. Alison Leary, Key Account Technical Services Manager, Alltech, focused on how Alltech’s Primacy of Science can be used practically on-farm to improve performance and profitability. “A healthy cow is needed to capture the benefits of rumen function. We need to provide animals with all the nutrients required for optimum health and production. We need to feed minerals in the form that supports optimum health and production,” said Dr. Juan Tricarico. Dr. Tricarico highlighted the benefits of using Yea-Sacc®1026 to optimize rumen function and how Bioplex® chelated trace minerals are protected by four amino acids to ensure optimum absorption.

On-farm performance

Dr. Alison Leary outlined Alltech’s iSolutions Program, an interactive computer program for poultry and pig used to regularly evaluate performance on-farm, to help customers find solutions to current concerns. “Some of the benefits of this innovative tool are that it: increases profits by focusing on income opportunities; minimises business losses due to non-performance and non-conformance to targets; allows for on-time decision making, preventing occurrence of possible pig / poultry issues; and provides pig and poultry performance analysis in minutes,” she said. Future programs will target the ruminant and aquaculture industries.