Alltech’s annual symposium examines “game changers”

17-02-2011 | |

In Lexington, Kentucky, USA, from May 22-25, 2011, Alltech’s 27th Annual International Animal Health and Nutrition Symposium will be dedicated to exploring The Game Changers for the animal health and feed industries.

“Today’s challenges signal that it’s time to rewrite the playbook,” said Dr. Pearse Lyons, president and founder of Alltech. “Raw materials are becoming rare materials. Least-cost rations are but one example of failed strategy. Sustainability is questionable with conventional practices, and consumer confidence is tepid at best.”

Alltech’s 2011 International Symposium is intended to be an industry time-out, providing opportunities for professionals to huddle in specialised breakout sessions – including aquaculture, beef, dairy, equine, poultry, pig production, pet food, regulatory, food quality, traceability, and communication in agriculture. All sessions will be dedicated to the open discussion of creative game-changing strategies for revolutionising industry practices and thus redefining its future.

“The clock is ticking. Our planet is expected to reach its 9 billion inhabitants apex by 2050,” said Dr. Lyons. “There is hope, however, for  game-changers that will enable us to generate sustainable profitability, innovatively use new raw materials, and add value to conventional agricultural products all while maintaining resources for our planet.”

Of particular note, plenary and breakout sessions will include focused discussion on programmed nutrition; technology to maximise release of nutrients from DDGs and other feedstuffs; formulation to minimize nutrient waste; branding nutrition; sustainability strategies; and the use of new media in communicating directly with the consumer. The prestigious Medal of Excellence and Alltech Young Scientist Awards will also be presented during the Symposium.

Source: Alltech