Ambitious plans for Chinese poultry industry

11-07-2008 | |
Ambitious plans for Chinese poultry industry

The Chinese poultry industry is booming, and some figures suggest it will expand even further in the coming years – from 3 bln birds in 2007 to 7 bln in 2017.

Chairman of DaChan Food Asia, Mark Han, stated at the Agra Informa World Poultry 2008 Conference in London that China is far from self-sufficient, hence the high level of imports. However, he also said the country was tackling this issue, a as is evident when looking at the level of imports of grandparent broiler stock, which is up 60% in 2007 on 2004.
In 2005, there were approx. 500 bird controlled-environment buildings. However, this figure is expected to reach 100,000 or more by 2015.
Han, whose firm produces 2.7 mln tonnes of feed and processes 200 mln chickens per year, stated that the farms in China are often too small and struggle with many price fluctuations and a lack of rural investment and bank financing, often making it impossible to make a profit.
Jose Augusto Lima de Sa, director of international markets at Sadia, says that China’s expansion plans might not materialise for several reasons, including and insufficient water supply and the fact that the country does not grow soya beans or corn.
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