Arbor Acres CHI holds Nigerian seminar

19-01-2012 | |

Arbor Acres Nigerian GP distributor, CHI Limited, recently held a second seminar in Ibadan, south-western Nigeria. Attended by over 100 delegates representing CHI’s PS customers, the one-day seminar focused on critical areas of PS and hatchery management.

Alain Silvin, Arbor Acres International Sales Manager, gave an overview of the growth of Arbor Acres globally. Mohsen Ganjaei, technical service manager, talked about maximising chick numbers and highlighted the critical points in PS management.  In addition, various representatives from equipment and feed additive companies shared their expertise with the delegates.

“I was delighted with this event and the outstanding efforts by our distributor CHI.  Thanks to their hard work, supported by Aviagen’s technical and commercial service and the strength of the Arbor Acres brand, the product is performing well in the challenging Nigerian conditions and gives excellent economic returns to our customers,” said Mohsen Ganjaei.

Source: Aviagen

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