ASDA fined for out-of-date food

10-10-2008 | |

UK supermarket chain ASDA has been given a £36,000 fine for selling out-of-date meat products at 2 stores in Staffordshire.

ASDA admitted to selling food that was past its use-by date at its stores in Cannock and Tamworth during a hearing before Tamworth magistrates.
The products, which were discovered by Trading Standards Officers, included packets of grilled chicken, cooked ham, and beef casserole. In some cases the products were up to 24 days past their use-by date.
Stores warned before
The court was made aware that the two stores had been warned by TSOs before for selling food past the use-by date. In mitigation, ASDA said it had now changed its stock checking systems and re-trained staff.

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