August Business Update: What’s new in the world of poultry?

28-08-2020 | |
chicken that finishes being born
chicken that finishes being born

We’re keeping our finger on the pulse and bring you a comprehensive summary of the latest business updates from the poultry industry worldwide.

Trouw Nutrition completes broiler study in new R&D facility

Trouw Nutrition researchers have completed the first pilot study at the Poultry Research Centre in Spain’s Castilla-la Mancha region.

The new climate-controlled centre includes facilities for broilers, breeders, and laying hens as well as a feed plant, hatchery and laboratory for nutritional analyses.

CPF ready for Thailand’s new standard on cage-free farming

Charoen Pokphand Foods (CPF) supports Thailand’s Department of Livestock Development’s (DLD) planned new standard on cage-free farming practices. CPF’s Wang Somboon farm in the central part of Thailand was turned into a pilot cage-free farm in 2018, with a plan to develop corporate practices that will be replicated. The farm is also a learning centre where farmers can study and exchange experiences to improve cage-free farming practices and sustainably add value to Thailand’s agricultural products.

Meyn releases Rapid Plus Deboner M4.2

Meyn has launched their new Rapid Plus Deboner M4.2 featuring the new semi-automatic loading carousel. Throughout the Rapid Plus solution, all required operators stand on separate platforms. These platforms can be adjusted in height individually to ensure an ergonomic work position.

Photo: Meyn

Photo: Meyn

The series offers full flexibility and can harvest all fillet and tender products automatically from both breast caps and front halves at a speed of 7,000 BPH.

Product launch: Vilofoss PECKStone fresh

Vilofoss’ innovative PeckStone fresh is a new mineral stone characterised by the proportion of coarse limestone grit as well as its content of valuable essential oils. Thyme and eucalyptus have a beneficial effect on the respiratory and gastrointestinal tracts. Chickens also benefit from the aromas gently extracted from fresh herbs by using steam. It is suitable for use in organic farming.

CPF vows zero food loss and food waste in 2030

Charoen Pokphand Foods’ Food Loss & Food Waste Policy has been announced, with a goal to achieve zero food losses and food waste in the production line and supply chain in 2030. Under the policy, CPF is committed to supporting the UN’s Sustainable Development Goal #12: Responsible consumption and production.

Photo: CPF

Photo: CPF

An example of how CPF strives to achieve maximum efficiency in material sourcing, while adding value to co-products, is the goal to reduce processing plants’ losses. In this regard, duck balls are made from duck parts. Other co-products concern duck feathers for the bedding industry.

Trouw Nutrition launches “learn on demand” webinars

Trouw Nutrition launches a series of real-time and on-demand research chats. Free-of-charge and open to stakeholders throughout the animal industry, the content focuses on emerging research that impacts animal health and performance on commercial farms and in feed mills worldwide. The webinars share how research findings can support feed, farm and health management strategies. Register here.

Innovators set on transforming the livestock industry

How are animal health, nutrition and precision farming emerging from the current crisis and how can we create a more connected future for the livestock industry? To answer these questions, 10 international animal agtech start-ups will pitch their innovative technologies at the virtual Animal AgTech Innovation Summit on 14 September. The categories for the event are precision livestock farming, aquaculture, animal health, and the microbiome & feed.

Under the precision livestock farming theme, Soos Technology from Israel has developed hatching technology to solve male-chick culling. Its solution is an incubation system (AI-driven software controlling a customised incubation cell) that controls the sex development process in chicken embryos and results in more functional females that lay eggs.

Francisco Dias joins Zinpro as country manager, monogastrics

Zinpro announces that Francisco Dias has joined the company as country manager monogastrics – UK, Ireland and Scandinavia. He will be responsible for leading the company’s strategic direction for monogastric species, with an emphasis on poultry and sustainable production. Dias brings to the position more than 10 years of poultry and feed industry experience.

Photo: Zinpro

Photo: Zinpro

Hamlet Protein expands US and Latin America teams

Hamlet Protein has hired poultry nutritionist Kyle Brown to target growth in the poultry segment in North and Central America. Brown received his BS in Poultry Science, a Minor in Agricultural Economics, and is currently completing his PhD in Poultry Science. He has done extensive research on the use of non-starch polysaccharide degrading enzymes and has evaluated the effect of different mineral sources on broiler performance. His dissertation research is evaluating the efficacy of exogenous enzymes in corn-soybean meal diets with varying nutrient profiles.

Jose Luis Laparra, Kyle Brown and Angela Mejia. Photo: Hamlet Protein

Jose Luis Laparra, Kyle Brown and Angela Mejia. Photo: Hamlet Protein

The company has also hired 2 technical sales consultants to support the company’s growth in Latin America. The consultants will focus on supporting an entrance in the poultry markets. Dr Jose Luis Laparra, a veterinarian and nutritionist with a master’s degree in Animal Nutrition, will cover Mexico and Central America, and Angela Mejia, a veterinarian and zoo-technical engineer with a master’s degree in nutrition, will cover South America.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist