Aviagen brings together key players of Russian poultry industry

18-08-2011 | |

Aviagen recently welcomed nine directors of Russia’s leading poultry firms on a fact-finding tour of Great Britain.

This is the first time that directors representing every major poultry firm in Russia have been brought together and the tour was designed to stimulate conversation on ways to expand the Russian poultry industry.

The initiative included a visit to Aviagen partner Moy Park’s state-of-the-art processing factory in Anwick, Lincolnshire, which was originally built in 1950 but recently benefited from a £45m investment by Moy Park. The extended facility is one of the most efficient in the UK, with a weekly kill capacity of 1.6m. 

In addition, senior Aviagen staff also took time to give an overview of where the market is going and how the company’s extensive research and development work is designed to support future growth. 

Tyark Osterndorff, Business Development Director for Aviagen, said that the tour had been an unparalleled success, stating: “This tour is a strong statement of our resolve to develop Russia’s huge potential. Aviagen is already a leading supplier in the country but this was about the industry as a whole, not any one business.

“The benchmarking presentation given by John Ralph, Global Head of Technical Systems, was of particular interest. Russia represents a unique challenge in terms of environment; therefore benchmarking and understanding how well flocks are performing in some dramatically different environments further improves the development of our birds.”

Source: Aviagen