Awards honour researchers

24-08-2006 | |

The US Poultry Science Association presented several research awards at its recent annual meeting.

Dr Steven Ricke received the American Egg Board Research Award for his work on virulence and pathogenic characteristics of foodborne salmonellae.

Dr Sally Noll was given the American Feed Industry Association Poultry Nutrition Research Award for her work on improving turkey meat yield through nutrition, most recently through research on the use of distillers’ dried grains with solubles in market turkey diets.

Dr J Allen Byrd was presented with the Frank Perdue Live Poultry Food Safety Award for his work on and development of techniques to reduce the incidence of potentially harmful pathogenic organisms delivered to the processing plant and originating from breeder or live operations.

Dr Annie Donoghue received Helene Cecil Leadership Award for her important contributions in turkey physiology, semen preservation and food safety.

Dr William Dozier was given the Hy-Line International Research Award for outstanding poultry research, including the determination of dietary threonine needs of broilers from six-eight weeks of age.

Dr Hyun Lillehoj was presented the Merck Award for Achievement in Poultry Science for work focused on the immunobiology of host-parasite interactions, vaccine development, mucosal immunology and immunogenetics using avian coccidiosis and salmonellosis as model systems.

Dr Roselina Angel was given the National Chicken Council Broiler Research Award for research that has had a strong economic impact on the broiler industry, including work on the effects of poultry production on the environment.

Dr Sandra Velleman received National Turkey Federation Research Award for her outstanding record of turkey research – she is author or co-author of 23 full-length peer-reviewed papers with turkeys as the experimental animal.

Dr Inmaculada Estevez received the Poultry Welfare Research Award for her research relating to the evaluation of animal comfort and management under conditions that can be applied to the commercial production of poultry.

Dr David Baker was honoured with the FASS-AFIA New Frontiers in Animal Nutrition Award for his pioneering and innovative research relevant to the nutrition of animals that benefits mankind and on the nutritional value of foods from animals.