BARC tests PerfectDigestTM peptide for poultry

03-12-2009 | |

The independent Bangkok Animal Research Centre (BARC) has tested the use of a peptide in poultry diets.

The test with 800 birds looked at feed conversion, bird growth and carcass composition when 1% of PerfectDigestTM was included in the feed. At day 10, FCR was improved with nearly 2% and growth with 3.3%. Pellet durability was increased by 4-8pts and fines were reduced 50% thus providing valuable benefits to the feed mill as well. 

PerfectDigestTM Peptides is produced by Bluewave Marine Ingredients. Recently the company has teamed up with LinkAsia Partners in Singapore to manage all commercial activities for this product in the Asia-Pacific region.

Both companies will initiate follow up trials to evaluate performance at 2% dry matter inclusion, where the optimal economic benefits have been achieved (5-6% growth improvements) in South American poultry applications. Trials with weanling pigs are also in the pipeline.

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Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist