Betagro encouraged by approval of low-carbon chicken feed

01-02-2010 | |

Thai integrator Betagro plans to extend its low-carbon program to livestock farms and production plants after recently winning approval for its chicken feed to carry carbon-footprint labels from the Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organisation (TGO), writes the Bangkok Post.

The company’s chicken-feed plant in Lob Buri was the first plant to join the carbon footprint program in may 2009, with assistance from the National Metal and Materials Technology Center, said Suthep Tirapipattanakul, Executive VP of Betagro, one of Thailand’s leading agri-business groups.

Three products from the Lop Buri plant met TGO criteria, with each kg of the chicken feed given a carbon footprint of between 330-360 g, he said.

Green house gas emissions

The carbon footprint reflects the greenhouse gas emissions from each product over its entire life cycle. TGO calculates the carbon dioxide equivalent of the emissions from extracting raw materials, transportation and manufacturing all the way to waste management at the end of the product’s life.

The program will not only help the company cut operating costs, especially from electricity, but also help it meet carbon reduction requirements that other countries are expected to introduce in the near future, he said.

More approvals

The Thailand Greenhouse Gas Management Organisation has so far approved 25 products to carry carbon-footprint labels detailing carbon emissions over the items’ lifecycle.

Agri-business firms that have received the label include Bangsue Chiameng Mill, Charoen Pokphand Foods and President Rice Products.

Natalie Berkhout Freelance journalist