Bird flu detected on Kentucky poultry farm

07-04-2009 | |

A western Kentucky poultry farm that produces hatching eggs for Perdue Farms has been quarantined following the detection of a non-pathogenic or low-pathogenic avian influenza.

Kentucky State Veterinarian Dr Robert Stout quarantined the poultry farm, reports Greenfield. He said that the state and federal government and Perdue are acting aggressively to contain and eliminate the disease. “There is no evidence that any infected poultry are in the human food supply as a result of this infection. We will do what is necessary to minimise the disruption to overseas trade.”

Perdue plans to depopulate the 20,000 chickens in two houses on the farm, and the Kentucky Department of Agriculture is also conducting surveillance of backyard flocks within a 2-mile radius of the farm.

Russia bans poultry from Kentucky

The USDA has also reported that “fresh/frozen poultry meat derived from birds raised or processed in the State of Kentucky and slaughtered on or after April 3, 2009, is ineligible. Meat derived from birds slaughtered prior to April 3, 2009, is eligible”.

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