Bird flu found in Netherlands not H5 strain

02-08-2006 | |

Dutch authorities have found a low-pathogenic strain of bird flu in a poultry farm in the province of Gelderland, according to the ministry for agriculture.

While the ministry did not specify which strain of bird flu had been detected in the outbreak, it said in a statement that it was a much less hazardous variety than the H7N7 strain that hit the Netherlands in 2003.

Because of the possibility that the virus may spread or mutate, the farm where the virus was found has been quarantined. Sampling and testing of nearby farms has not uncovered any further evidence of the virus.

The Netherlands is a world top poultry exporter and Europe’s second biggest producer after France.

Dutch authorities have never reported any cases of the highly pathogenic H5N1 avian flu strain found in several European Union countries.

The Netherlands was hit by the H7N7 avian flu strain in 2003, leading to the culling of around 30 million birds, about a third of the Dutch poultry flock. It also infected around 90 people, including a veterinarian who died.

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