Book: Poultry Diseases

19-06-2008 | |

The 6th edition of Professor Frank Jordan’s book “Poultry Diseases” is a concise yet comprehensive text of all the common and rarer diseases found in all species of poultry (including chickens, ducks, turkeys, game birds and guinea-fowl).

This book focuses on both the specific disease organisms as well as the general aspects of the poultry industry.
For each disease, the Prevalence, Genetic Factors, Epidemiology, Clinical Signs and Differential Diagnosis, Pathogenesis, Treatment and Control are discussed in detail. Greatly expanded sections on Public Health and Food Safety, Toxins and Poisons, and all Management aspects are included in the new edition, as well as new coverage of the Hatchery, Egg Quality, Heat Stress and Probiotics. A chapter on Game Birds is included for the first time.
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