British eggs branded with lion logo

15-03-2012 | |

The British Egg Industry Council has established a website to promote domestic production which conforms to EU requirements concerning the ban on conventional cages.

The Lion logo will be applied to all UK eggs obtained from either floor systems, free-range or enriched colony cages.

It is noted that the UK egg industry has been justifiably concerned over importation of less-expensive eggs from the Continent, produced in cages which it is held, represents unfair competition.

Since the EU was disinclined to take action against illegal production and movement of eggs within the Community, producers in the UK were forced to differentiate their product from eggs of questionable origin.

Producers in EU nations have had over 12 years to re-cage or convert to floor systems. It is estimated that over 50 million hens are still housed in conventional cages and the disposition of their eggs has not been regulated.

The British Lion Brand originally introduced to confirm compliance with SE prevention programs now serves a double function.  It will however be necessary for egg producers in the UK to promote their brand through the chain of distribution extending from plant to consumer.

Source: Egg-cite

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